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the grand bastard


a collection of inspiration.

images link to hi-rez when possible.
artist's name links to their website if available.
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studio blog

willem de kooning

from lost burned footage, 1966

our robocop remake - scene 27 

fatal farm


gorgeous new video from

allison schulnik

EAGER, 2013


keltie ferris

keltie ferris spray paints in solitude



paul mccarthy

the painter, 1955


(Source: julialbass)

wassily kandinsky painting, 1926


(Source:, via artistandstudio)

saw this llyn foulkes show when it was at the hammer. i left in a very strange funk that lasted well into the following day.

llyn foulkes

a retrospective at the new museum  

by jameskalm

adam goldberg’s vine rules

the ray harryhausen creature list

compilation of every Ray Harryhausen animated creature in feature films, presented in chronological order.

by mat bergman

piero della francesca
virgin and child enthroned with four angels, 1460-70
peiro at home: the art of piero della francesca

keltie ferris spray paints in solitude

art21 new york close up


here’s the video from jerome witkin’s drawing demo at LCAD. shot and edited by my best bud jaimeryan heintz


Jerome Witkin Drawing Demonstration from his LCAD MFA Visit on November 12-13th, 2012.


last night grizzly bear performed one of the most gorgeous sets i have been lucky to see in person. truly a beautiful experience.

grizzly bear

live from radio city

entire set


equire and i have the same taste. mila kunis named sexiest woman alive.


a woman we love


final coitus