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the grand bastard


a collection of inspiration.

images link to hi-rez when possible.
artist's name links to their website if available.
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studio blog
timothy duong
untitled (negated portrait), 2014
oil on paper, 5 3/4 x 7 1/2”
timothy duong
adventures in your own backyard, 2014
oil on cotton canvas mounted on panel
12 x 12”
timothy duong
king solomon, 2014
oil on linen mounted on panel
12” x12”
john graham
The Brooklyn Rail: JOHN GRAHAM
john graham
two sisters,1944
oil, enamel, pencil, charcoal, and casein on composition board
47 7/8 x 48”“
john graham
head of a woman, 1944
oil on canvas, 18 × 14”
LOVE the criterion cover for the rerelease of cronenberg’s scanners. wishlist! now they need to release dead ringers.

David Shrigley
tonylarsonstudio: Hey Christian. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm really glad I found your site, it's good discovering kindred souls on the inter webs. Looks like we're both SoCal dwellers. Your work looks great too. Keep up all the good work.. -TL

thanks man. much appreciated. 

stephanie pierce
untitled, 2013
oil on canvas, 60x45”
stephanie pierce
untitled, 2013
oil on canvas over panel, 19x19”