love this little painting at the getty

jean-baptiste-camille corot

houses near orleans, 1830


The idealized countryside painted by a native city dweller.

This light and color study wasn’t meant for exhibition, but rather was a way for Corot to explore his new scenery outside of the studio. 

Print Issue 17 Pullout: Who’s Afraid of the New Abstraction? | SFAQ Online

…while the market certainly plays a significant role in the way contemporary abstract painting has been exhibited, distributed, and received, we must understand that the art and artists are not simply made for and by the market. It is important to separate the formal and intellectual activity of abstract work from the economic activity of a particular segment of the art market…

charline von heyl

untitled (WAM mural), 2010

acrylic and latex paint, 17 x 67”

These were real questions of crisis for me, but a productive crisis. The mural is at once an emblem of this crisis and an absolute affirmation of possibilities. All my preconceptions about art versus design or abstraction versus figuration got totally mixed up, which I think is good—if nothing else, it certainly does make me want to paint more murals.